Do you really know me? ---> Chamaleon Gel by Madam Glam


I'm so happy to have the possibility to review the fantastic products of Madam Glam..

For the one who didn't know Madam Glam it's a famous American firm, with center in New York.
Madam Glam is an online shop for make-up and nail products:
-Nail polishes
-Chameleon gels

Their formula is cruelty-free, 5-free and vegan!

Among all these beautiful products I didn't have that the embarrassment of the choice.. 
but I wasn't able not to choose one of the new chamaleons gels accompanied by an intense black gel polish, everything supported by a base and a top soak-off..

So I choose:
- Base Coat Gel
- Top Coat Gel
- Perfect Black (#2) -->  I assure you that to choose among 80 Color Gel Polish, from the classical polishes to the glitteratis, has not been quite simple! But I love I can't have it! <3
- Do you really know me? ---> It belongs to the Chamaleon Gel collection constituted by 16 gels polish that changes color passing from the low temperatures to the high temp.. spectacular!
In the specific one Do you really know me? goes from a dark raspberry to a perfect plum.. 
A perfect color both for the evenings in summer and for the winter..besides it has inside silver micro glitters that makes it even more beautiful and unique!

Their application is really simple: classical dry manicure, opacifing nails, raising the residues and then put on the Base Coat Gel, in lamp Uv for 2 minutes or 30 seconds in the LED lamp (same time for all the products Gel Polish).
We begin with the application of the Color Gel Polish that doesn't strain it given by the elevated stringiness of the product, it perfectly covers nails with 2 coats and it doesn't withdraw in lamp.
And we finish the application of the soak-off with the Top Coat Gel that once cleanse it beautiful!

For the occasion I have decided to realize with this Gel Polish of Madam Glam an accent manicure with butterflies embellished with various micropearls and glitters.. and to show you as Chamaleon Gel changes from cold to warm.. what do you think about? 
These Gels are not fantastic? *.*

Thx to my model, Valentina Castelli, that obviously as me she adores the effect and she doesn't stop making to notice to everybody as they change color with the temperature!

See you soon 

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